Ideas on how i can make a "Connect Twitch Account"


So i am going to make a Connect Tiwtch Account button/function on my website.
But i cant figure out how i shuld do this.
So i am asking the public to see if they have an idea on how i can do this.

The plan is that when they have connected one time they dont need to connect it one more time.
They will also have a function there they can remove the connection.

I am planing to do this in PHP, if needed i will store information on a database. (can do it in other languages to).

Is there any smart peoples out here that might give me some ideas on how i shuld do this?


Hey, @broccoli_go!

Twitch login is a common use case for our API. You would basically use the authentication guide and store the OAuth token in a secure way. Our OAuth implementation is similar for any other OAuth login proivider such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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