Integrating music with the Stream so viewers have control over the music (volume(maybe skipping tracks etc)) without having it effect the other viewers or streamer

I dont know where to start with creating this because i am inexperienced in building off of another API. I am a Computer Science student which makes this a little embarrasing, but i thought this might be a good feature for someone else to build. If they wish to do so.

So the idea is to be able to have the Streamer be able to link a playlist into Twitch so that it can be played over their stream rather than having it play themselves. Sometimes, the streamer puts the music on in a queue, (while they wait for a game to start) and then turn it off to concentrate. sometimes, i’d like to continue to listen to the music even while they are playing without them having to adjust their volume which affects the whole stream.

Also, sometimes, i prefer to play my own playlist but sometimes that streamer has their own music playing and so theres quite a bit of clash with the music :confused:

I hope there is someone out there who thinks this is possible and can be made. i know there are people out there more experienced and better suited to do something like this.

Hey, @zTashii.

This forum is for support with the Twitch API. I would recommend suggesting this on the subreddit or hiring a freelancer to see if this is possible.