IRC Chat messages not being recieved

So after joining #gamesdonequick via IRC/TMI my client(mIRC v7.42) is NOT receiving PRIVMSG chat messages from the specific stream. Is there something I’m missing?

This relates to messages users send to the stream chat, not whispers.
My client IS able to send chat messages to #gamesdonequick for others to see
My client IS receiving PRIVMSG chat messages for other streams.
My client defaults to sending CAP REQ but have also tried without

I can confirm that this also applies to me.

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The gamesdonequick channel is using event chat, so you’ll need to connect to an event chat server to receive messages.

As @SirStendec said, the channel is on event chat. You can check this and get the event chat servers from

Which one of the 10 or so IP’s do we connect to?

Whichever takes your fancy.

So would “” work for example?

Yes, I’m using that IP/Port right now.


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