Is angular allowed and does it work?

I’m more comfortable with Angular over straight HTML/JS, so I wanted to use that to build my extension.

I did get the boilerplate basics up and working to confirm that my host is set up, but when I put up a basic page its no longer showing any data. I couldn’t find any error messages to help me diagnose if it was related to Angular, so I wanted to ask.

This is the link to what I’m trying to display:

The routing is set up correctly in the assets.

Although the two other pages are not set up. I was trying to get this viewable in the live page, but nothing appears under the extension dropdown. I’m asking for a sanity check. If not allowed, I’ll jump to HTML/JS.

If I recall correctly, I think it is allowed. Though it might be frowned upon.

Side note:

The page at

Doesn’t fit in the area assigned for “Live Config” as it’s a really narrow column

For example

if it’s not showing in the drop down, try reloading the page, sounds like a caching hiccup and the dashboard doesn’t realise theres anything it should show yet.

In addition you did install and activate the extension into a panel/video overlay slot?

It should resize itself to fit into a smaller section. Are you saying the minimum size is still too large?

The dropdown works, the frame under it is blank.

Is your example screenshot an Angular page?

Also, the documentation says the page has a “dynamic width”

This page is displayed in an iframe with dynamic width and fixed height (720px).

I’m not sure exactly what this means but it sounds like it should at least display the page.

Have you checked for errors in the inspect console? You should be able to see when Twitch GETs your page and if there are any errors.

I’m not seeing any error messages. I see on the network tab that it does call out to the page.

Can you see their contents in the sources tab? They should be somewhere under the index.html node.

Those dimensions are for the “Config Path” not for the “Live Config Path” page

But as @palmettos suggesters, check in Console there to see if content is actually returned.

The dashboard might also have derped up and decided not to load/display it. A page refresh usually clears that one.

And you might want to retry with BTTV/FFZ disabled if you have those in, in case they are causing an issue.

Also ^^

If might be as simple as the URL needing a / on the end. I’ve only linked to .html files myself.

Finally, check you have chrome setup correctly, they have added a lot to the dev tools recently and you might not have the right things enabled to see all the relevant console messages:

You might find you have a CSP error kicking about and it’s not showing it to you because of your settings.

Yeah, interestingly I do see that the contents are in there. This makes me wonder if its an issue with Twitch and Angular, not so much an issue with my particular page. Has anyone had success with Angular? Knowing whether or not its supposed to work is more valuable than trying to troubleshoot things.