Is authed user a streamer?

Just after AUTH I want to check if some one is a streamer?

a) Maybe I want to check if they are currently streaming…
b) Have they streamed previously / do they stream?

I want to stop non streamers using a certain function of my app. Which data / end points should I be looking at…

There is no “last broadcast” date that I’m aware of. You’ll probably have to resort to checking /channels/:channel/videos to see if they have any VODs.

To check if the user is streaming or not, you can use “GET /streams/:channel/”. This will return NULL on error or if it’s offline (See more at

TY guys, I did consider trying to fetch the stream endpoint.

Problem is that may not be streaming.

With getting previous VOD’s Twitch by default no longer saves VOD’s unless you change settings manually in options.

I will consider the stream response being null or maybe I just really try to persuade the user that unless your a broadcaster this option is pointless and best left alone… Big red message maybe :slight_smile:

I am also interested in reliably being able to tell if a user has streamed at least once.

If it’s currently impossible, here’s my vote to get it implemented in the Twitch API :relaxed:

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+1 this…

It makes sense as there is 2 kinds of twitchers… voyeurs and exhibitionists! lol

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If they have never streamed, they have possibly not changed their stream title (status) yet, so they will be null.

EDIT: Or if views are at 0

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