Is it possible to get all VODs in one call?

Currently you have to specify whether you would like to receive highlights or broadcasts from the API when querying videos.

Is there a way to query both of them in one call? So no broadcasts = true/false but both?

And basically the same question for HLS = true/false ?

broadcast_type can be all, archive, or highlight.
If hls is false, it will return both hls vods and non-hls vods. (It’d be better named hls_only).

Thanks for the reply. In the GET /channels/:channel/videos endpoint, can you set a GET param broadcast_type to all? I only see the broadcast parameter documented which is a boolean (and only returns either highlights or broadcasts when set to false, respectively true. I would like to get both types in one call).

Yes, broadcast_type should work on all video endpoints.

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