Some videos not returned by the videos API

I am trying to retrieve a list of all videos for the following channel via the API:
I see on the Twitch website that there are currently two videos, one is a “Past Premiere” and one is a “Past Broadcast”.

When I send requests to the API, I am only getting the Past Broadcast from either of these two Helix and Kraken video endpoints:

These two calls return no videos at all, so it doesn’t seem like the video is hiding behind some other broadcast type:

Which API endpoints can I call to retrieve both videos like I see on the Twitch website?

As a workaround, I attempted to get the items using the Kraken collections/:channel_id/items endpoint. However to retrieve the collection ID for that endpoint, I need to get the collections list by channel ID. So I called the following endpoint:

However, that returns a 404 error.

What am I doing wrong?

Thank you for writing this up! We are currently aware of an issue regarding the videos API, but unfortunately we don’t currently have a timeline on a fix for this. We appreciate your patience as we work on this. Thank you.

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