Is it possible to see the exact time (not just the date) that this clip was created?

Here is the clip in question:
This one

No but we have a open feature request

But if you are after the creation date/time it’s in the output of

So that paticular clip from the API has the following payload

"data": [
"id": "CoweringTrappedRabbitSquadGoals",
"url": "",
"embed_url": "",
"broadcaster_id": "252768535",
"broadcaster_name": "EliteDabber",
"creator_id": "252768535",
"creator_name": "EliteDabber",
"video_id": "",
"game_id": "33214",
"language": "en",
"title": "SEASON 9",
"view_count": 10,
"created_at": "2019-05-10T14:35:03Z",
"thumbnail_url": ""
"pagination": {}

Not sure if your question is a API question or a “just give me the date/time” question

Thank you. It was just a date and time question but this was helpful regardless.