Is the Player Suppose to Auto Start from Offline to Live?

Is the Twitch Video Player suppose to automatically start when a stream goes online?

Or is it suppose to wait for user interaction / refresh to turn on?

Twitch Subreddit thread on issue:

I have recently done a test and seen this occur, from Offline to a streamer going online, the player sits in offline mode. Same issue when a vodcast turns off, and streamer goes live seconds later, the player doesnt switch over correctly.

Yes, but it’s derpy

Also this is a the third party dev forums so the wrong place for this sort of bug. It’s been around for a while so I assume Twitch are working on it

If this isnt the place to report issues like this, where do you report them at?

This is by far the worse issue, its costing all partners across the board hundreds if not thousands of dollars of loss revenue.

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