Is there a way to hide !commands from bots in the chat?

so my friend is using an irc bot and was trying to think of a way to hide !commands from the chat

the bot is quite heavy on commands and if you get about 50 people spamming the commands its hard to read the regular chat which isn’t helping interactive streamers any with communicating with their viewerbase

is there a way to hide chat commands specifically with ! at the beginning of it?

or is there a way to whisper the bot your !commands, that way your chat is clean and only the people using the bot will see their own commands?



.w BOTNAME !command

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We should also mention, that whispers are not associated with channels, so your users probably have to explicitly type a channel name with which the command should be associated.
For example

.w BOTNAME xangold !command

I assumed a singular channel bot in this context not a multi channel bot. But yes that is valid

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