[Request] Be able to see what channel a whisper is sent from in the IRCv3 tags

This would be really helpful to a lot of bot developers. (yes, I know that you don’t want us using whispers as our main form of doing things, and yes I know whispers will be moved away from IRC) Our bot only uses this to ease the amount of messages in the channel if the channel has a lot of people chatting. This would be extremely useful because we could see when we needed to let people use the function without having it turned on all the time globally.

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Whispers are not sent from a channel.

Hmm, I didn’t think about it like that. Oh well

To put it another way, whispers are like PM’s.

They are user to user, with no reference to a channel at all.

Would there be a possibility of a separate systems for bots to use? I think it would help cut down spam in bigger chats that bots respond in the chat with stuff. There could also be an opt in or out feature in case you didn’t want a bot sending you “whispers”

Who knows what Twitch has planned.

But you can just make you bot ignore non mods in your use case…
Or check user doing the whispering is present in your channel or not.

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