Is this possible?

Is it possible to make a page that will switch through my save broadcast automatic switch when the save broadcast is done?

(Hope I explain it well)

You would want to call to

I believe, someone correct me if I’m wrong, that it sorts by latest broadcast, so limit 1 would return only the latest available broadcast.

How would I implement it? I’m starting to learn php just yesterday would I put it in a string? and then call somthing
How would I put it in iframe?

Could someone help me?

This is a working example… This is it’s PHP Source
This is the page in action

It will look up the last broadcast and embed it.

I also don’t know much PHP and find it very easy to work from an example. I believe the forum doesn’t want to get in the business of teaching how to code/script, so please make sure you do your research and understand the language you are working with.

Also, If you don’t mind, I’d like to see the page it’s being used on. Feel free to message it to me.

Thank you man. :slight_smile:

Will the code automatic switch to another broadcast of the same streamr?

Every time the page is loaded, it will find the latest broadcast available.

Ok Thank you.

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