Show Past Broadcasts on Website?

Hi Guys,

could someone help me (a total Noob) out with a Problem i currently have? I want to show my Past Broadcasts from Twitch under the regular Stream Window on my Website.

I have the regular Stream like the Example Code from here:

But what is the HTML/PHP Code to show the Past Broadcast under the Stream? I’ve found the API URL for it:

But how do i actually show it on my Website? Sorry i’m a total Noob and really don’t know what to do with it. I’ve searched the Forum but i’ve only found the API Link above… no actual “Copy/Paste Method” for me as a Noob who totally doesn’t understand anything :blush:

Would appreciate any Help you Guys can give me

You need parse the JSON file and load it into your page.
If you are running a PHP application, you could do it server side, if you want.
I would recommend loading it directly in the client with JavaScript.
To load it with JavaScript, you need to learn some JS basics and how to use AJAX.

Well thats why i’m asking here… if someone could help me out with that.

I wouldn’t post here if i knew Javascript… and i didn’t really want to learn it first.

Isn’t showing the Past Broadcasts as easy as showing the Stream on your Website?

There is no ready-made widget to do this. The only way right now is to either do it yourself, or find someone to do it for you.

I’ve found this and already posted there. But that doesn’t show all of the past Broadcasts right?

It only shows the Broadcast you want too show with the ID

I just broadcasted and it isn’t showing past broadcast please help

Please contact support at for assistance.