Issue with refreshing token for user


I’m using Python to log into a Twitch account to act as a chat bot. This has been working fine, however last night I suddenly received the error message:

Login unsuccessful with token "****". Check your scopes for "chat_login" and try again.

I’ve not received this before. I tried refreshing the token and got the same error - and from what I can tell, “chat_login” is a deprecated feature/code? I checked the library I’m using which makes no mention of this wording, so I assume it came from Twitch.

In the end I went back through the manual auth process and that fixed the integration, but I’m concerned that this might happen again and I want to know how I might be able to combat it without having to re-login - or if this was a ‘glitch’ on Twitchs end (this example happened 2023-07-08T00:47:07.721+01:00).

For some extra information, I’m using for logging in, and TwitchIO for connecting to chat, which is connecting via wss://



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