Issue with userinfo Endpoint and Claims Request


I hope someone can assist me with the following issue: Currently, I am encountering a problem where I only receive “preferred_username” when making a request to the userinfo endpoint. However, I am requesting both “picture” and “preferred_username” when authorizing.

Here is the response from the userinfo endpoint:


I followed the guidance provided in the Twitch documentation on getting claims information from an access token:

This is my Claims Request, which includes the “picture” claim:

I would appreciate any assistance in resolving this issue.

I couldn’t replicate an issue using my own “test” version -

I modified locally to just do the name/picture claims
And checked with an account that hasn’t assigned a custom profile

Edit: your copy/paste of the info from my info shows a AZP but myinfo does not return the AZP

AZP is only in the JWT itself not the JSON response from the myinfo endpoint

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