OpenID-Connect userinfo endpoint

I’m new to using openid-connect and I’m wondering if the userinfo endpoint is working correctly. I ask because the discovery document lists the endpoint that is separate from the Kraken user endpoint, and when I try to include userinfo in my server code (using node-opendid-connect) I am not receiving any data. Is there a way to request this information via the openid-connect standard, or should I get profile information in a separate request after authentication as, say, passport.js does with the OAuth2 login strategy.

Bump, has anyone had success with this part of the OIDC flow?

This isn’t part of their official documentation and twitch has a habit of implementing only parts of standardizations (ie Twitch Irc). As far as documented ways to get user info, use the id_token passed back through OIDC authorization flow or wants you have an access_token use that to ping either v5 of their api for get user, or their new twitch api for get users.

I had a feeling that would be the case. I was working off the Road Map on Trello that states full OIDC compliance. Thanks for the reply

We’ve implemented to the ‘Well Known’ spec for OIDC to be compliant with OpenID integrations like AWS Cognito. You can find the full details of that here:

For reference, that results in a userinfo API of:

For a provider like AWS Cognito, all of this is behind the scenes work so it’s absent from the Developer Docs. However, it may be useful to add there.

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Thank you for the information. I have been looking for this information everywhere in the documentation and was unable to find it. Unless I missed it, why isn’t this important information in the documentation?

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