Issues getting EventSub verification in Callback

Good night everyone,

I’ve been facing some issues this days, but I thought that could be something due my domain and other kind of problematic client-side issues, but I don’t exactly know what’s actually happening.

I’ve started again developing the EventSub part of my application. Before, it was working without any kind of issues, I was getting every verification and event from Twitch, but actually, for some reason I’m not getting the verifications.

The subscription I send to Twitch is the next one; I include the three kind of different ways to define the user on the condition just to make it able to use other events. Before I didn’t have any issues setting it like this way:

    "user_id": "********",
    "broadcaster_user_id": "********",
    "to_broadcaster_user_id": "********"
    "method": "webhook",
    "callback": "",
    "secret": "********"
  "type": "channel.follow",
  "version": "1"

At least from my POV, I don’t see any error in the content, also Twitch accepts the subscription and prepares the verification, at least from what I know from its response after requesting the subscription:

    "data": [{
        "id": "********",
        "status": "webhook_callback_verification_pending",
        "type": "channel.follow",
        "version": "1",
        "condition": {
            "broadcaster_user_id": "********"
        "created_at": "********",
        "transport": {
            "method": "webhook",
            "callback": ""
        "cost": 0
    "total": 16,
    "max_total_cost": 10000,
    "total_cost": 0

After that, I try to wait for the verification, but doesn’t seem to send anything to my server. I’ve added some debugs in most part of the code to check if something detects anything, but even the part that starts the socket doesn’t seem to get any connection. I’ve used twitch-cli to use the verify-subscription command, and from its checking, everything works fine. I’ve disabled the Firewall in case it could be preventing the entrance of Twitch requests or anything similar, but nothing.

I’m wondering which can be the issue. Besides the router, something I didn’t touch a lot, but basically port forwarding, nothing more, I don’t have more knowledge about other possible issues. I installed WireShark right now, but I’ll have to restart the computer. Once I restart it, I’ll check if there are currently connections from Twitch.

I got “Connection Refused” on

You are home hosting?

I wonder if your ISP has started blocking the traffic, since generally ISP’s don’t like “home hosting”

It’s defintely not a good idea to be home hosting here

For test purposes consider ngrok or a reverse SSH Tunnel

Actually it’s down as I’m fixing another issue besides this one. I’ll put it up again if you want to check the connectivity. It’ll be up in 20 sec.

And I’m home hosting as the actual server I have for testings is occupied. I’ll check if I can use it, but I don’t know if I can use the 443 port.

Multiple domains can share the same port

nginx/apache can do this with ease.

It’s a game server, so it’s not a server prepared to include nginx and apache for any kind of redirection or anything.

Game servers usually don’t occupy 443.

Depends what your eventsub recviever is in.
Sure you could just throw the program up but I normally use nginx to SSL terminate since it’s saves my program having to screw about with cert handling itself (including auto cert refreshes by letsencrypt)

Actually includes its own HTTP server, but I already planned to include a setting to include a redirect server in case someone wishes to use a nginx/apache server for this. I only made this part of the feature to make sure the sent requests are coming from a secure line. People using my software usually won’t have their game server on a same place as an nginx/apache server, as also they aren’t allowed to install it. I try to get the widest range of cases posible.

The manager that usually they use for this kind of servers requires from a manual opening of that ports. I can request it to be open, but they are shared servers through a same IP, so probably they won’t open a main port to be used on only one server.

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