Twitch EventSub Verification

After manually going through the steps of acquiring an authorization token (building an event handler to process events generated in my channel… follows, channel point redemptions, etc.), I attempt to subscribe to the channel.follow event, but do not receive the verification_pending event on my server. Is there any way to check if Twitch is actually sending those events to my server? I check the access logs and nothing is being received. Does Twitch have a mechanism for checking this?

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Your callback is a “real” URL (not localhost)
Protected by SSL that is correctly setup - use SSL Server Test (Powered by Qualys SSL Labs) to test your SSL configuration
Without a :port in the URL?

If you are using something like cloudflare (or other firewall solutions) that could be blocking thinking Twitch is a malicious bot

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The URL is a real URL. Also, I’ve gone ahead and tested the endpoint with the Twitch CLI tool.

I have tested the SSL and it passes.

The endpoint is hosted by a web hosting solution. I don’t have access to CloudFlare / firewall, but I’ve opened a ticket to ask. Is there any other information out there about the CloudFlare/firewall issue with Twitch?

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This is an issue with anything “webhooky” it’s not a Twitch specific issue.

If SSL passes then this confirms your URL is web accessable and correctly configured (not a self signed cert since the CLI will trust that)

So it sounds like firewall, anti DDoS or similar.

So you don’t have cloudflare then

Then it’s likely a problem from the use of shared hosting. And your hosting provider is blocking the incoming traffic

Oh you are the same dude as discord

I jsut gave you the exact same answer I gave you there

Appreciate your help here and on Discord. I’m still going back and forth with the hosting provider (iFastNet), but until now they have been reluctant to investigate the issue at the point of entry. Is there somebody at Twitch that can verify that the verification payload is timing out to my server?

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