Issues with Twitch AUTH Today

Edit: Was an issue with a gem updating on the push: , will investigate more later on the actual issues with v1.4.0 and the Twitch Auth.

I was wondering if anyone else was having issues with the Twitch authentication today?

I’ve had an app running and connecting fine for about 5 months now and all of a sudden today I’m getting back: {“error”:“Bad Request”,“status”:400,“message”:“Parameter redirect_uri does not match registered URI”}

The redirect URI is the exact same as before and hasn’t been touched for months.

I believe that it may be an issue with Heroku changing something on their end as it works locally, and was working on a staging server until I pushed the app again.

Anyone had issues with Heroku & Twitch Auth before?

The Twitch API appears down in general today. results in a 502 bad gateway error.

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