Twitch not refreshing the OAuth redirect uri?


I’ve run into a bit of a problem with the redirect_uri parameter.
Previously my redirect uri was /auth?
But now I have 2 instead of 1, /authext and /authcli (both are set in the extension’s settings and were saved multiple times (panel showing a green check mark as if everything is ok while saving ))

I’m using the following uri to initiate authentication:{ClientID}&scope=chat:read&redirect_uri={EBSUriAuth}&force_verify=true

EBSUriAuth = {EBSUri}/authcli

So technically both addresses should match (I’ve even tried using the uri in a web browser manually)
but when the request is received by the ebs I get the following message:

at=info method=GET path="/auth?error=redirect_mismatch&error_description=Parameter+redirect_uri+does+not+match+registered+URI"

Is this a glitch or does twitch only update the redirect uri every once in a while or am I missing something ?

Thank you in advance.

Twitch may cache 'em for 3-5/10 minutes.

So give it another go in about 10 minutes

The problem is that I’ve been waiting for probably over 30 minutes now. That why I’m starting to wonder if things are actually broken.

Another strange thing is that instead of the usual extension authorization panel showing the scope and having the purple authorize button all that is being displayed now is just a square.


Yeah it’ll throw that error dialog occasionally when the redirect URI’s are messed up.

Recheck your URI’s are correct and over https.

And that you are not running any Header Manipulator/injector extensions.

That’s the strange part, nothing was changed.

I also have a WPF app which is displaying a prompt to log in via twitch and nothing other than changing /auth to /authcli in it was ever changed and there the prompt is also wrong while it was working fine before.

Some old vid from discord:


Nothing was changed, except for the changing the redirect URI?

You seem to have contradicted yourself?!

Recheck all your settings, resave all your settings, give it 10/30 minutes

And go from there.

Everything was verified.

I have even copied the full oauth uri from the api doc and just replaced the client id and redirect uri and tried it even on internet explorer where I had a login prompt for twitch first but then as soon as it came down to authorizing the extension I had the ugly square once again. (and of course the redirect uri was still wrong)

No extensions or anything like that, I’m super confused.

And you resaved and waited 30 minutes from the point I wrote my last message?

First time I’ve changed the redirect uris was probably around 90 minutes ago.
Which I’ve tried re-saving multiple times afterwards but the redirect uri still somehow points to /auth?

Resave your settings. AGAIN, and wait

OK I finally found what has happened.

Twitch for whatever reason has changed the the name of my extension to some jibberish and I have just noticed that the client id was also changed while the old client id was still valid and pointing to my old redirect uri making it look like everything was ok id wise.

Is that normal ? do they change the ids on their own ?

No, Client ID’s do not change, ever.

In the last big update to the Dev Dashboard, which was quite a while ago (like at least six months), they export/imported data from a old system to a new system and some extensions were given a autogenerated name, for the most part that autogenerated name is only used internally on the dashboard, and viewer visible names were unchanged.

Yeah then my extension was apparently created as a new extension while the old one still exists somewhere in their data because the client id is completely different and the name is jibberish.

Well problem solved, thanks for the help Barry.

Glad we got there in the end!

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