Launching an external application from Twitch Panels

I’m trying to figure out the possibility of launching an external application directly from the twitch panels to make it easier for my viewers to open up and login to TS. However since twitch doesn’t support HTML in the panels only markdown, I can’t figure out a way to make it work.

This is an example of what the html code would look like,

<a href="ts3server://webaddress?port=number">Click to connect to TS

I tried using the markdown version of hyperlinking but Twitch didn’t seem to recognize it at all and just ignored it completely. Any ideas on how this can be accomplished would be greatly appreciated.

Link to an external server that redirects the user to your link.


What @livewhiletrue said would be a very simple way to do it indeed. You could use your own domain or a URL shortener that supports/allows random protocols like ts3server://


Thank you guys! I ended up just using a URL shortener and it worked. Appreciate the help.

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