List all channels that belong to a team

Is this implemented/going to be implemented? Can’t find it anywhere in the docs. Only solution I can find right now is navigating to[teamname] and scraping it from there.

This is something that is actually in V5 of the API (docs not released yet)!

You can check it out yourself as well if you request V5 of the API (V3 still default till Feb 2018).


Below is the result put into a JSON viewer:

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Awesome! This returns an array of users which is exactly what I need. To request v5, do you just contact Twitch through the development page?

All you need to do is modify your API call to specify V5, its a little bit different depending how you are doing your call - if you just submit a URL as part of your request, adding &api_version=5 into your call is sufficient (which you can see in my example link above). No other action is needed.

cURL would be like the below, notice the 'v5':

curl -H 'Client-ID: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx' \ -H 'Accept: application/vnd.twitchtv.v5+json' \

@Garytaco, you should read about v5 on the blog. It’s a large and important change. We’ll be deprecating and removing older versions of the API:

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Right, I just meant the docs. To see what all has changed.

Ah sorry, my misunderstanding :slight_smile: The full docs are not released yet, they should be coming soon (within next few weeks I believe).

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+1 on the “What happened to v4? :deilluminati:
Any idea when the documentation for v5 will be available?

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@garytaco The purple highlighted text on the blog holds the answer. :slight_smile:

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