The latest Twitch API endpoints for Twitch Teams and Subscriptions

A new set of Twitch API endpoints have been recently released, including some functionality previously only possible in v5. These updates add support for retrieving a list of the Twitch Teams a channel belongs to, retrieving information about specific Twitch Teams, and checking if a specific user is subscribed to a specific channel.

If you use the legacy v5 version of these endpoints, please refer to the updated v5 migration guide. We have added another scope mappings to make it easier for you to transition your users when you switch to the latest endpoints.

Please feel free to provide comments or questions below.

New Twitch API Endpoints

The following endpoints are now available in the latest version of the Twitch API.

New Scopes

One new scope has been added for the Subscription endpoint above. It have been documented in the reference definition linked above and on the Authentication page.

  • user:read:subscriptions

The old endpoint returned some extended user information such as their logo URL. Is such information now expected to be retrieved by an additional endpoint call or will the new Get Teams endpoint be updated to include it?

The first part of your question is correct. The users array that Get Teams provides consists of user_id, user_name, and user_login, so if you need additional information about one or more users in a Team, a call to Get Users would be necessary.

there is no created_at field like it was in v5

additionally, there is no info about for how many “months in advance” user subscribed

The created_at field in v5 was of no real value to anyone. It had no relation to when a user actually subscribed but rather when that subscription object was created. Because of this it meant anything like a change in payment method, or potentially other things, would create a new subscription object with a new created_at despite no change to the users subscription status.

As for additional fields such as months in advance a user subbed for, you should submit feature requests on (or upvote an existing request if one exists for that).

That is also not in Get Broadcaster Subscriptions for the record. So neither helix endpoint that does subscription data presents this data.