List of every possible game you can type into Category/Game in Dashboard

Hello devs,
I’m working on a simple dashboard for maintaining marathon we are organizing and to make it easier for our moderators, I’d like to include a “hint system” for every possible can you can type into the Category/Game section in Twitch Dashboard here basically pretty much what Twitch already does when you start typing something in. I’ve asked Twitch for the complete list, but I didn’t get any meaningful answer and they basically told me to ask you. It doesn’t matter what format the list is going to be in (.txt preferred for simplicity), as long as I can simply edit the text in Sublime.

And no, I can’t just look up a list of all games ever made, it needs to correspond with Twitch Dashboard, because the game you type in is going to be changed together with a stream title you type in.

Thanks for help. Fuzimi.

There is no official API on Twitch to fetch said list.

However, Twitch’s list is 99% of GiantBomb’s as it’s seeded from GB

Hence you can use their API to fetch a relatively accurate list

NOTE Make sure to carefully read the rules of GB’s API their T&C’s are specific in some areas about what you can/can’t should/should not do with their API

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