Live Config seems unusable?

  1. From what I’ve read and been told, Live Config should be the area where streamers can setup polls, adjust things for their stream live as it’s happening, etc., but how do you fit any kind of reasonably sized UI in that 300x500px box?

  2. Is the norm to just create a hosted dashboard on your own site and link out to that, to use for live configuration? Seems like there should be an easy way to allow the broadcaster to update configuration while they’re streaming, in a way that isn’t squint-worthy, and provides some room for UI elements.

  3. Is there a way to make a Video Component that has two different sizes? Our main component will be a short, wide bar. But for the broadcaster to be able to configure it properly while they’re streaming, it would need to be able to expand to be pretty large. The only way I can think to do that is either:

  • A) Set the extension size to be pretty large, and only take up a small portion of it for the Viewer views (however, then they wouldn’t be able to position it properly, let’s say if we only take up the bottom portion of the height/width of the extension, when they try to move it to the top of the window, the bottom portion will be sticking out to the middle of the page, so it’ll look as if there’s a bunch of empty space that they can’t get rid of above the visible part of the extension)

  • B) Do a Video Overlay and make use of only the portions of the screen we need in each view, which is overkill and not ideal since streamers can only use one.

Any suggestions? How do extensions normally handle this?

Quite easily actually, it’s no issue for my UI’s that I have on the dashboard.

That is perfectly fine to do. But consider that streamers screenspace is tight already, with everything they need to have open, which is why a dashboard widget might be optimal than a whole page, but of course some things will need a full size page

No, not without two extensions, sounds like you’d need to take the max size of a component here, or go video only.

Since you’ll probably not want to “on the fly” change from size a to size b, which’ll then conflict with extension d installed that is only 25% wide and plonked in the middle for example. (And also is not supported)

An alternative here is to not be an extension and go OBS/XSplit CLR source and not be an extension.

My Public Extension that is a video/component is tiny when closed but like 400px wide and 80% stream tall (or in the case of component mode 100% of the component height). So I reserved my “max open size”

@BarryCarlyon thank you for the detailed responses that makes a lot of sense. Our needed UI mightttt be a bit too heavy to fit there, but I’ll try!

You might instead put in the live dashboard section “please go to extension main config link” and then do what you need in the main config panel instead (if you need to do something that doesn’t “fit” nicely)?

Which is “as good as” doing it in another window, but you can still use JWT auth instead of “standard” Twitch oAuth.

Also an excellent idea @BarryCarlyon!

A bit of a different question but still related: for quick pubsub publishes, is it normal to use one of the config pages, or the broadcaster’s view to handle publishes? I’m just trying to get a feel for what windows streamers are used to leaving up, and also how normal extension developers handle publishing from the browser.

We were considering doing a simple setInterval that would ping our EBS for updates on a poll, and publish them every few seconds. Which view would that go in normally?

Whatever works best for you, your workflow and your extension I suppose.

Best thing to do is probably try it and see if it works :smiley:

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Thanks for the help!!

@BarryCarlyon for what it’s worth, this was part of the issue lol:

Seems like a recurring hiccup

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