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Hello Twitch Developer Forums!
I’d firstly like to say I am very happy to see a new API for Twitch. I feel like the proverbial kid in a candy shop with all these new SDK features and an updateh API for Twitch.

However, there is something that I would like to say.

I am currently working on a program which requests a list of followers for a stream, and will report when a new user chooses to follow the stream. Yet, to no avail.
As of so far, the API allows use of requesting followers publicly, and will happily update the number of followers in real time. But, the list of followers seems to either:
A) Not run in order of Follow Date
B) Update in real time.
So, this makes the program see that there is a new follower (an update in count), but cannot retrieve data about the particular user. Therefore, I ask for some way, inclusion in the API, for me to be able to retrieve this data in the correct order (by Follow Date ASC) and in real time. Or if anyone knows any tools that may be able to help me out, I’m sure it would suffice as well.

Thank you very much, thank you for implementing the SDK and API for Twitch, and have a nice day.

I saw that you found the relevant github issue. I’m looking to close it out this week. It’ll end up sorting on the follow date with most recent follows at the beginning of the list.

@mpoon Will the follow date be available in each user object? If not it might get messed up, as you’d be looking for a sequence of users and treating that as the offset. If any of them unfollow, or they get bumped around between your requests, they may never be found and thus you get hundreds of requests going through the whole list again.

(If you add the most recent follows to the end of the list you just get an empty list if this happens)

Will the follow date be available in each user object?

Yes, in the follows object we will have a created_at property which will be the timestamp of when the relationship was created.

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It’s live! (I wish this Discourse onebox feature knew about context…)

Thank you very much, mpoon and other developers, for implementing this change! It will make a massive difference to my programming, and I hope it benefits others. I’d also like to thank you again for implementing these new forums, and using them as a way to be able to improve upon your community’s features!