Live stream oembed

Hi everyone,

hope that you can help me out.

I try to get data about the live stream and videos.

For videos like ( it’s working .

Now I need the same thing for live stream (, but oembed is not working for a live stream .

Any suggestions how to get data for a live stream?

Thank you and have a nice day

if the stream is live you can get a stream object from Reference | Twitch Developers if it’s not live your’ll get a blank/empty response


“data”: ,
“pagination”: {}

Currently for example so no stream to embed.

You might want to look at Embedding Twitch | Twitch Developers instead of embedding which’ll work a little better rather than relying on oembed?


Thank you so much for the respond. Yeah I looked at the api and it looks good.

Still do you maybe know if it’s possible to get it via oembed?

Thank you

It seems that Twitch hasn’t configured oEmbed for live streams just pre-recorded content. Saves showing a embed for a not live stream I suppose. And using “Twitch Everywhere” as documented here Embedding Twitch | Twitch Developers you get a better experience for the end user as you embed the right player

Thank you very much for the replay. Will work with API for now. Hope that they will add support for live streams as well

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