Streaming video content in-app

Hi guys,

I am planning to Live Stream some events from twitch in my iOS and android app and my website as well. This is what I have done so far

  • I use the below API to get streams

  • Then I use the below API to get Videos by game_id

I had a few questions going forward

  1. Do I have to use to live stream content in my app/website
  2. Does the end user have to login or create a new account or neither with twitch to view the content
  3. How do I get the channel value for a live stream

Please let me know at your earliest convenience.


  1. Yes to embed a Twitch live Stream on another website you have to use the embed stuff outlined on the docs you have linked
  2. Any of the three. Streams are public, if the user happens to be logged into Twitch then all good, but also they don’t have to be.
  3. Channel value? I’m not sure to what you refer

Referring to the doc as per here

  1. So we just embed the above iframe into iOS and Android and it should work fine, right?

  2. Good to know that end-users don’t have to necessarily create an account with twitch

  3. By Channel value, I mean in the iframe example above
    channel: "monstercat",

How do I get the above value for a live stream?

  1. Not tested on mobile myself so should do :slight_smile:
  2. Thats your channel name, “values” are not unique by stream. A channel name is also a username. So if your twitch username is “ragnaroksb” and you want to show the live stream of “ragnaroksb” then you put “ragnaroksb” in as the channel vlaue

ok cool.

also, can we live stream content from another channel? I mean not necessarily owned by myself.

You can embed any stream you want using the embed stuff as documented.

For live streaming other streams in your stream please refer to the TOS

thanks for the help Barry.

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