Localhost: TwitchAPI Authentication-Code is NULL

Hey there.

First of all, I am using this: https://github.com/Xxplosions/twitchtv-oauth/
I am currently working on localhost.

The Problem is, my authentication-code is NULL. (Means I cant get any userinfos)

Do you know a solution for this problem?

$ttv_code = $_GET['code'];
$access_token = $this->getParameters()->getTwitchTV()->get_access_token($ttv_code);
$user_name = $this->getParameters()->getTwitchTV()->authenticated_user($access_token);
echo 'thank you ', $user_name, 'for authenticating me!';

$user_name is NULL, Im only getting “thanky you for authenticating me!”.

I’d suggest swapping to IBurn36360’s library, which may be easier to use: https://github.com/IBurn36360/Twitch_Interface

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