OAuth Invalid authorization code

I have a user who is trying to login to my app via twitch and I keep getting a 400 “Invalid authorisation code” for his login attempts from twitch. I and other users can log out, sign up and log in. The user in question went in and disconnected the app via his connections but when trying again I get the same error.

Not sure why only 1 user is causing this error.

I can’t think of anything obvious without the keys to check.

If the user does not have a verified email address you might see some funkyness, but at about the time of your post Twitch was being odd, so it should be fine now I think!

It seems it was related to some twitch funkyness at the time, the user in question has been able to authorize OK now. Thanks.

@BarryCarlyon the user is reporting that they can’t log in again. This is the return link that they gave that produced the invalid authorisation code error http://riustats.com/_oauth/twitch?code=bw70knqbqrlymrnsu8123vo6web0ha&scope=user_read&state=eyJsb2dpblN0eWxlIjoicG9wdXAiLCJjcmVkZW50aWFsVG9rZW4iOiItRnhfaG9mdzlVZU5GWFB0SFVENHdlWmo0R0NuY0tuX3A0dzFjcFdFMHNSIiwiaXNDb3Jkb3ZhIjpmYWxzZX0%3D

Hello I am the user in question. While it did work yesterday, today I am getting the same symptoms as before.

  • I click Sign in with Twitch
  • I get an empty pop up box with a huge url (I can provide an example if needed) that changes each time I try
  • Nothing happens, or I get an “Internal Server Error” message after manually closing the popup box

Running on latest Firefox

that sounds like a problem on DEfusions side

@BarryCarlyon the internal server error that he’s getting on my side is just that that what I’m using for the twitch auth isn’t handling the error from twitch properly I think.

This is the error I’m seeing in my logs when AnacondaHL tries to log in, he’s the only user I’ve seen having this issue.

"message":"Error in OAuth Server: Failed to complete OAuth handshake with Twitch. failed [400] {\"error\":\"Bad Request\",\"status\":400,\"message\":\"Invalid authorization code\"}","time":{"$date":1427905958968}

Next step is to get AnacondaHL to remove your application in the applications list. Logout of Twitch and then retry.

There is nothing 100% clear to the issue. Unless (and I only suggest this as it was the problem before), unless, AnacondaHL has malware on his machine (which sounds ridiculous but solved a login issue someone else was having with me before)

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