Long message in chat question

I was trying to paste something in chat yesterday and thought that I copied what was in my chat box but it didn’t, emote only mode so I wanted to copy paste this set of emotes. So I posted what was there once and when I tried to do it again I didn’t post what was there before. It was about a 15 line paragraph that I copied and pasted my code I was writing previous to watching the stream. So it took up a lot of the chat. But when I went on my iPad since I was listening to the stream on there before and didn’t turn it off, I didn’t see my message and there was no message deleted message. I go to the vod too and there was nothing there

so my question is did it not get posted at all or was it just deleted by a mod.

When a message fails to send, coz it’s too long there is no feedback, it just fails.

Long and short of it, is don’t spam chat with 15 lines…

Also usual bumf about 3rd party developer forums yaddayadda…

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