Looking for Coder/Developer to create an Interactive Stream Character with my Animations! (paid, ofc)

I’m an animator, not a programmer.

So, I was looking for someone to work with me to create an interactive character for my stream! Send me your rates for a project like this! It’s for fun on my personal stream, so not a huge budget, but will pay fairly!

Basically, my goal is to have a character animated in a Flash file that “listens” to Twitch chat (with ActionScript maybe?), and when certain commands are used, the character animates a specific sequence. It would also be cool if it could animate with Follows, Hosts, Subs, and Donations…

Send me a DM or email me (jessejayjones AT gmail) if interested! Or if you know of any resources I could use that would also be helpful! :slight_smile: Thank you for your time!

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