Making a twitch bot to moderate multiple channels at once

So I am creating a twitch bot which I want to moderate multiple chats at once.
The bot is a moderator in my channel and my friends channel.
When I ban a user I want the bot to then go to my friends channel and ban them there aswell. I also want it so that if my friend bans someone then the bot will ban them in my chat aswell.
Is it possable that it could connect to multiple channels at once and then put the same message in both chats?
Lets say it checks if i use the “!banFromAll userName” command and if I do it will say “/ban userName” in both chats at the same time or atleast as close as possible
This is my first time making a bot so I am sorry if this is a bad question.
Thanks for the help!


Sure, you can do that. There are no rules against it you just have to write the code to do that.

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