Adding a chatbot in multiple channels

hello guys, I’m starting to create a bot for my channel and also I am a mod in multiple channels and I would love to add my bot to moderate other channels too, so how do I do that?

Use the join command

The join command will connect the user to the channel specified.
Then the broadcaster will just need to have added the bot as a moderator.

Generally speaking a bot should only be joining channels that it’s “expected” to join. Like you wouldn’t join ninja unless ninja wants your bot for example.

TL;DR: You’ll want to send JOIN #channelName on the socket, assuming you are not using an IRC library with a function to join a channel.

So to join my channel, it’d be JOIN #marenthyu - or, for Riot Games’ channel JOIN #riotgames.

Specifically note as well that you’ll want to use the login name for a user, NOT the display_name.

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