Making backend-less app

Recently i was researching if it was possible to create application that was listening for events such as bits, new subscriptions or redeeming of channel points.

I researched pubsub, but i need channel-id which requires me to specify secred data like authorization token and client-id.

I was also looking at oauth, but i need a redirect link, which i would not be using if this was a local app. Is there any way i can not use these secret data and still open the prompt for login and get the data back. Opening a browser with oauth link is not a problem.

Then you would use implicit auth, you could use localhost or an App Interrupt, depending how you host the app

A practical/testable example

So i don’t need to keep my client_id secret?

ClientID’s are considered public. They have to be included in the URL of any request to link a Twitch account to an Application

Ok, thank you for your support! Much love!

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