Max number of IRC connections per IP?

Hi, I see that we have a max message sent limit. I wanna know if there’s a max number of chat connections per IP. I don’t intend to send messages.

My idea is that anyone can use my app to READ the chat of any channel. Right now I’m testing it with 3 users, around 50 channels per user in 1 server/IP. So far, so good.

Now, what if I want it to be 100 users, unlimited channels, will Twitch ban the IP/accounts?

I’m using IRC protocol to connect to the chat.

Twitch doesn’t apply a rate limit to “reading”

The only limitation is your ability to keep up.

Twitch will disconnect your “bot” if you can’t keep up with the message queue and the send buffers Twitch’s side gets too full.

So really depends on how many busy channels you connect to and how good your code is at keeping up.

You’ll have to expand as you go and see if you can keep up and adjust accordingly

Thanks @BarryCarlyon . I’m currently testing with thelounge to see how much the server can handle. Using 1vcpu and 1gb ram, the usage is pretty much negligent (5% CPU and 300mb RAM, even though it’s the bare minimum to run the server).
I’m connected to some pretty big channels and set the limit to store only the last 100 messages.

It seems that it can keep up with more than 1000 channels, regardless of the size.

Is there any way to know if the message queue is getting full?

You get disconnected


Lol, ok.

Barry, just to be 100% sure. You are saying if I have like 200 different twitch users connected to the same IP in chat via IRC but not writing, just reading, twitch won’t ban them or the IP, right?
Based on your answer I’ll start opening the app to more people.

I believe there is a limit on the number of connections to twitch per IP, but I don’t know what it is.

The best bet here is to run a service that connects to channels and sends the data to the user.

So if two people want to read say “liriks” you don’t connect to that channel Twice. You connect once and send the data to both users.

As it doesn’t make sense to double (or triple up etc) the processing for multiple people wanting the same channel

Makes sense. Well, I’m gonna test it the way it is and see how far I can go before twitch disconnects us and then duplicate/load-balance.
Later I can think of a way to do what you said.
Thank you.

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