Messages sent via chatbot doesn't display live


We’re an esports broadcasting studio and we’re developing a chatbot for internal use (more like an admin panel).

The idea is simple: we create a new channel, on behalf of which we’ll be sending the messages - add links to channels where we have a moderator role - set up the messages and a timer - pushing the messages to the listed channels simultaneously.

The issue we’ve faced is that we see the messages we’ve pushed to the channels only when we refresh the page (regardless of whether a channel is live or not or whether we’re logged-in to any channel or not).

Everything is fine with human-sent-messages, the problem arises with the chatbot only.

For example, we run a worker, it pushes a couple of messages to 3 channels with a 1-minute interval. Worker’s logs showing that everything is fine, but the messages appear on the channels only after F5.

Will be super grateful for any help

Thanks in advance.

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