Migrating to Server


I have a weird problem. Im a mod in a Channel from my friend. He applied for partner 6 weeks ago. After 5-6 weeks, he get an answer from twitch he has to send some personal information like address etc.

We are using overrustlelogs.net to use !logs in our channel. Now the channel wont log anymore and yesterday it says:

[2016-03-23 01:05:55 UTC] twitchnotify: This chat room is migrating to new servers. Please reload the page or reconnect to continue chatting! [2016-03-23 01:05:56 UTC] punchlinebot: This has just subscribed to the stream!

Heres the link of it:

Why does overrustllog dont log chat anymore in our channel but in other channel it does? It worked before when he not applied for partner. Does it mean, he will get partner soon? Im confused.


Seems to be functioning again today, if you look at todays chat logs. Might have just been a hiccup on overrustle’s end.

Well, thanks for answer. Now it works again. Idk what was wrong. But we are still not partnered :o

Twitch was changing their chat servers. I supposed this announcement went out to notify people of this. Has nothing to do with partnership :stuck_out_tongue:

At least it works again! :smile:

Now we can connect to irc.chat.twitch.tv. :smiley: Dont know if this worked before but now, this irc server is new i think. :o

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