Minimum time difference between messages?

I’m currently testing all the limitations I must impose on my bot so that it doesnt get blocked. I am clear on the limit of 20/100 messages every 30 seconds, but I cant find any documentation on the minimum time difference between messages.

If I send two messages in quick succession I recieve “Your message was not sent because you are sending messages too quickly” from jtv. I understand this limitation but I can see this becoming an issue if the bot needs to timeout two users in quick succession.

Should I just impose a 1-second time difference between sent messages to be safe, or is there a known smaller time difference? I obviously want to make my bot as responsive as possible.

Any suggestions welcomed.

This does not apply to mods. Make sure your bot is modded in the channel you’re testing in.

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Oh wow, of course - thank you :slight_smile:

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So the rate-limiting is working now by blocking the writer thread once it hits the cap. I have a related question - not big enough to start another topic.
Do the PONG and PART messages count into the 20/100 messages every 30 second, or are they handled seperately?

Ony PRIVMSG counts towards the 20/100 limit.

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