[mIRC] Creating variables and cross filling And Follower Notification

Hi, my name is Gavin and I have been trying to make a Twitch bot for my chancel. I’m new to this so right now I’m hitting a noob wall that i could not Google… but still the point is I was trying to make a help command that I would not have to create a new command for every help part.

on $*:text:/? (Gold|Silver|Copper):#:{
if ($0 < 4) { msg # Sorry that is not supported. List of supported: Gold, Silver, Copper. | return }
if ($0 == 1) { msg # Gold is the supreme rank in the money system, only availible to donaters over $25. }

That does not seem to work so I looked it up then gave up.

Also I was going to try to link my INI file to my HTML/JS setup but I don’t quite know how I would do that. I will add PhP if i need to.
FYI, this is what it looks like in the INI file

I wish to know when a person follows so that i can have something else happen in response of that if that would not be to hard.
Thanks in advanced.

Make an alias, then put the code you want after the follower thing in there and it’ll do it for you… I’m surprised you did not think of this when you have mIRC connect to Twitch API with a follower notification system.


on text balablabal {

alias alias123 {
stuff code
stuff code

Etc. Fill in the blanks. Hit “F1” in the mirc client to get extra help.
It’s pretty self explanatory. You’ll figure it out.

Sent you a pm that may help.