mIRC not Receiving, but can send Whispers

I have had some issues receiving whispers over my mIRC client.
I am running 2 instances, one connected to irc.twitch.tv (port 6667) and connected to my main channel, and then I have a 2nd instance connected to irc.chat.twitch.tv (port 80) and connected to a group chat I made specifically for running the bot.
I have also tried connecting to my group chat from my irc.twitch.tv instance, so it’s connected to both my main and group chat on the same server, and no result
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The bot has been able to send whispers on both servers using /raw PRIVMSG #jtv :/w [name] [message].
I have sent /raw CAP REQ :twitch.tv/commands on both instances, both in the status window and in the chat window, and I have whispered it both from myself and from people I requested to whisper it, and nothing ever shows up. It’s able to read the group chat fine, and it’s able to get commands such as HOSTTARGET and ROOMSTATE fine, but it never detects any whispers.

Is the mIRC client set up correctly to handle the WHISPER command? The code I was using did not know how to handle it and so just ignored it and didn’t show it as a message. You may need to change something so that it handles the WHISPER command differently to a PRIVMSG command. Can you view the raw logs and do you see anything coming through with WHISPER in it?

If you are getting absolutely nothing in the logs resembling a message using the command WHISPER then I would guess that Twitch is just not sending it to the target user. In which case the whisper needs to be sent all lowercase for the username.

Last week I noticed that some whispers just were not being sent, had to resend it a few times. I think this has been fixed now though.

All chats, main chat and group chat run on the same AWS now, so you can just connect with irc.chat.twitch.tv for all of them. Have you tried using irc.chat.twitch.tv using port 6667 for the 2nd instance?

Have you tested that the CAP REQ :twitch.tv/commands is working correctly? If it is working correctly the client should receive notices like “This room is no longer in slow mode.” etc if slow mode is activated or deactivated.

Hope some of this helps :smile:

I’m not quite sure exactly what you mean when you say “set up correctly”?
If what you mean is if I added something like
“raw WHISPER:*:{
aline @Log Whisper: $rawmsg
Then yes. I have one of those for most of the commands that the CAP REQ sends, just to lower clutter for messages that aren’t required, like USERSTATE and stuff. And yes, it does get messages about “This room is (no longer) in slow mode” and stuff.
I have merged both chats to irc.chat.twitch.tv (6667) after realizing irc.twitch.tv just redirects anyway.
I have attempted the all lowercase thing, I’m not sure if previous whisper history is overwritting that or something, but in either event, it never appears to go through. I have gone through the Status Logs to check for anything resembling a whisper, nothing appears, but it shows USERSTATE and ROOMSTATE stuff just fine.

I have also since posting this, attempted to change it’s capitalization display to all lowercase to make sure that’s not having any issues, and I’ve also tried logging on from an old account, same results. I have logged onto the bot’s account from the website and it is in fact receiving all the whispers, just not in the IRC client :confused:

That’s strange then, sorry I couldn’t of been more help. I’m new to this myself and they were just things I had to go through to get it working.

mTwitch - Seamlessly integrates whispers into mIRC(use on TEXT to received, /msg user to send) and adds other nicities that makes twitch easier to use under mIRC

After loading those 2 scripts (The JSON script and the mTwitch.core), whispers did start coming through.
However, they appear in a new window, which makes it really hard for my bot to be able to read whispers from new people, as I want the bot to be able to get whispers from anyone in the chat.
Is there a way to edit it to get them appear in the status/chat window like they normally do?
Having a separate window for every person that sends a whisper is not going to work.
Or is there any chance you can explain what exactly you did to get it to work? I looked through the scripts and I don’t really see exactly what you did.

you receive whispers like you would any other message. Normaly its *:TEXT!bla:#:. I havnt checked in a while but as far as i remember for whispers its just *:TEXT:!bla:?: hope this helps

Normally that would be correct, but not this issue.
Either I don’t get whispers at all, or using the scripts that SReject provided changes the way mIRC handles them, changing them from that format in the normal window, to making a new window for each person sending a whisper and displays them like normal messages, which doesn’t work at all for my case.

My scripts transform whispers into what are known as ‘queries’ in the context of IRC. As such, you can use mIRC’s native handling of queries to handle whispers:

/help /msg
/help on Open
/help on Text

If you don’t want the window to appear, you can use:

;; triggers when a whisper is received
on ^*:OPEN:?:!trgger:{

  ;; adds the message to a custom win buffer; done for example purposes
  /aline @CustomWIndow $nick $+ : $1-

  ;; Halts mIRCs default query window from being created

This is still an issue despite all of the testing and work I have done to try to get it to work, and still have yet to come up with any ideas that work :confused:

I have tried connecting to any variety of server that I could connect to, have tried both a regular and group chat and tried sending the cap req, ect. Nothing seems to get them to appear.

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