IRC connections unable to send whispers?

Are whispers broken? IRC connections appear to be unable to send whispers to other users but are able to receive them just fine.

This is tested with multiple twitch accounts including some third party bots (such as ‘tpp’ bot in the TwitchPlaysPokemon channel).

I’ve tested these use cases:

  • From the twitch website (via PubSub) - Works, other users can see the whisper.
  • From an IRC connection - Does not work.
  • From tmi.js library (irc over websockets) - Does not work.
  • From chatty (which is probably irc) - Does not work.

Seems to work for me?

$ openssl s_client -connect
PASS oauth:-snip-
NICK 3v 001 3v :Welcome, GLHF! 002 3v :Your host is 003 3v :This server is rather new 004 3v :- 375 3v :- 372 3v :You are in a maze of twisty passages, all alike. 376 3v :>
@badges=staff/1;color=#201C2B;display-name=3v;emote-sets=0,33,46,92,237,376,469,554,793,1871,2126,2263,3082,3742,4132,4578,5057,5265,7478,9318,10503,10681,11232,11550,11958,12239,12272,12673,12681,14082,14290,14876,15162,15886,16233,16712,17579,18191,18496,19151,20102,21958,21985,21988,22000,22036,22460;user-id=17089325;user-type=staff GLOBALUSERSTATE
PRIVMSG #3v :/w ohbot #3v !test
@badges=;color=#008000;display-name=ohbot;emotes=;-snip-;turbo=0;user-id=62809083;user-type= :ohbot! WHISPER 3v :Test reply sent to 3v on 3v at torstai 13. huhtikuuta 2017 12.51.48 []

I’ve been sending all my whispers to whatever channel I’m in…

So if @derek is using TMI.js then TMI.js needs to fix.

That said:

4|CopyCat | 13 Apr 15:04:35 - SEND: PRIVMSG #jtv :/w barrycarlyon barrycarlyon: hey

Sending via #jtv is broken

That explains it, the third party bots i’ve been trying to message probably implement whispers the #jtv way.

Thank you all for your assistance.

Sending on IRC is fine, when not in the JTV channel, not tested the JTV channel myself

FYI we resolved the issue with #jtv, so that should work again if using an older version.


Can confirm it’s working again, thank you @xangold

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This all is certainly good, but still a question: you have corrected impossibility of creation of a room for messages with whisper? (2-3 months ago, you could send a whisper to the user only if the user first writes to the bot, ie creates a room). Personally I had to send a whisper through the web so that everything worked. UPDATED: I checked the creation of rooms, as it did not work a year ago, it does not work. Please pass on to those who work with IRC, let them fix / make room for the first message via PRIVMSG #jtv: / w username message. At the forum a lot of posts about this is not the first year

I’m confused as what you’re asking. Can you clarify?

Maybe you’re referencing our anti-spam protection where a user disallows messages from strangers (includes users who they’ve never talked to before)?

No users are allowed to receive messages from strangers, it was checked many times. If you or I write the message to the user for the first time, is the room created? - Yes. Then the question arises, why this does not work for the IRC. Two months ago, I had to write an HTTPS client to send messages like a browser. Otherwise it does not work

I suggest you to add / fix the possibility of creating a dialogue room the first time the bot accesses the user through the IRC, if A) the user is not blocked receiving whispers from strangers. C) The bot is not in the user’s black list. I suspect that the point A. probably works incorrectly.

I believe he means that starting a whisper conversation with someone for the first time (sending the first message) doesn’t always work through IRC, even if starting the same conversation works through the website (so not an issue of privacy settings). I haven’t seen this myself, so I can’t provide any details, but I’ve had some users report an issue like that.

I would like to keep this topic alive as Xambey brought up a problem that I have been waiting for a fix for. My bot needs to be able to START a conversation with other people yet it seems that I can only send a message using the “PRIVMSG /w” method if there is already an existing conversation. Is there a simple workaround for this? I know it can be done but most of the methods involve me adding quite a bit just to get around this problem that twitch has.

And like tduva said it is not a security feature to prevent spamming as you can start conversations using your browser.

Please fix this soon!

I would also add that this is the right function. So that the bot doesnt spam the chat with information that only a specific user needs. For example, the user requests the bot command, and the bot has 100 commands (like mine). You cant send this to a general chat, but slowly, with a delay, send it to a whisper, most correctly.

Hi everyone,

If you are experiencing this problem, can you reply with the user_id and login of the bot that is unable to whisper new users?

I replied in the other thread as well but its not bot specific and has nothing to do with being a new user just simply a new conversation started through a standalone IRC. The user could have had his account for 5 years but if you’ve never whispered him before then the conversation is a new conversation and must be started through the browser to work which is the whole problem.

I don’t think it will be of any use but in case it helps my username that I test this under is: dunkbot

Same stuff in here… I use tmi.js to send whispers. It works perfect unless You’ve never had conversation with bot. In that case It does not send a thing … I can ask my followers to send a message to a bot first in order to let them use my giveaway system, but That is just not right … Please fix your code

Exactly trixo. I have been waiting for like over a month but still no fix. I dont know why the devs arent giving us atleast some feedback on the topic

Hi Xangold, I just opened a support ticket on this issue before i found this thread. I have 4 active bots. 1 of which does not have this problem, and 1 that used to work.

bot: taxicabunionbot channel: dickiegreenleaf

used to work
bot: stankabot channel: lividust

not working
bot: sk00ntbot channel: hyfr0
bot: daintyb0t channel: missdaintykaty

the 3 not working will whisper if a whisper is sent to the bot first from the user, and the whisper window left open. Note: taxicabunionbot does not require a convo open, it will open a convo/whisper window to the user. verification command on taxicabunionbot in channel dickiegreenleaf: !commands