Missing /dashboard/extensions fix

Bug that I have noticed twice after getting an extension approved. Difficult to replicate but I thought It should be mentioned. After “releasing” an extension to public, I was unable to view the /dashboard/extensions page from my own account (from two different pc’s, only on the extension makers account). The page would quickly load, then disappear and show a blank white component where installed/available would normally go.

The error was “cannot toUpperCase() of null” from vendor. (sorry should have copied it down fully)

If anyone else runs into this error , easiest way to fix is to “View and install on Twitch” from dev dashboard/version/manage, then click uninstall. Should be able to view page from then on and reinstall with no problems.

(has happened twice out of 8-9 releases and i assume is caused by legacy versions trying to appear on extensions list)