Mobile streaming to twitch from Canada

So I have been streaming to twitch for about a year and Pokemon GO is the big craze.

I waited until it released officially in Canada so I did not get banned.

Now I have a little bit of an issue. I have scoured everywhere I could find on twitch mobile streams, Google, everything and found nothing on

  1. How much data it is going to eat up if I plan to stream for 3-4 hours a day or so? I’m okay with having it set to low settings.

  2. I’m thinking of using screen stream mirror: the paid version as it seems to be capable of either streaming directly to twitch or conecting to OBS on my computer and uploading from that. Is there a better program or is that the go to program to mobile stream?

The only problem is I don’t have the data to waste to see what is less intensive on my data plan. I’m wondering if someone has successfully done this in the states on an unlimited plan and can give me a ballpark figure on how much data I’m looking at for either option.

I don’t have unlimited data. And have 5gb atm but I am trying to get a mobile business internet setup as I classify twitch as a second business. I hardly make money maybe 5$ a month atm but I still consider it a second job, albiet the job I love waking up in the morning and going to and connecting with my community.

So my question here is would I surpass the 6gb data limit and how quickly? What plan would I need to look for if I can find a mobile business internet key with enough juice as its going to cost me $20 per GB I go over the 5

Hey, @Matthew_Wyryha!

This forum is for third parties developing integrations with Twitch. You will have more luck on r/twitch on reddit. You might be able to ballpark the bandwidth figure by looking at the bitrate of the stream and doing some math based on length of time streaming. Similar to this thread on reddit.

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