Moderation actions in embedded Twitch Chat

Moderation actions are now available in embedded Twitch Chat. This update will help facilitate a safe community for our creators and allow developers to provide that safety in their products built on and enhancing our services.

Moderation actions in embedded chat include:

  • Typing commands into the chat box (e.g. “/mod username”, “/ban username”)
  • Clicking inline moderation icons if you have them enabled
  • Clicking actions in a user’s Viewer Card (click a username in chat, and click on the moderation action you want to take)

To enable inline moderation icons, check the “Mod Icons” option in your chat setting on


Moderation actions will be displayed in the Viewer Card as seen below:




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This are good news!
Keep up with the good work.

Are you guys working on user logs too?
Would be nice to have a box with the last msgs of that user.