More accurate channel userlist?

Heya! So currently our bot pulls the list of current users in the channel using the URL. I read in another topic that it’s heavily chached and not super accurate. Is there another method that would be more reliable?

Our bot whispers users when they’ve received point bonuses for being present during portions of the stream - and I often get complaints of either people not getting points (I believe is because they aren’t on the list) or that they aren’t in my channel and the bot thinks they are.

The Viewer Heartbeat Service looks like it would do the job, but it seems like it would require users to actually connect their account. Which makes sense for a publisher trying to track viewership across many channels - but I guess that wouldn’t work for a channel like mine where I want someone to pop in and start participating in bot functions.

Just curious if there is a more optimal method so viewer experience is less frustrating.

Thanks for any feedback/help!

That is the most accurate list of users in your chat. As a side-note, unsolicited whispers are heavily frowned upon.

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And can result in you being shadow banned from whispering.

Bots should respond to users never send to users and when responding to users, respond in the same medium as the request was made.

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