Getting Channel User List (Small channels and 1000+ user channels)

Hey everyone,

I have been making a new JAVA based bot that combines lots of features of existing services.

The problem that I am having is when I have it in a channel with more than 1000 users it does not show the names list. I know this is intentional as the API:

NAMES (Twitch Membership)
List current chatters in a channel. If there are more than 1000 chatters in a room, NAMES return only the list of operator privileges currently in the room.

Due to this restriction, I have made the bot get its user list from[CHANNEL_NAME]/chatters but this only returns the user names. Based off that I get batches of 100 users to get their IDs using the /users?login=[USERS] endpoint.

The problem that I’m having is that this list only shows usernames and ids. Is there an easy way to get whether they are a subscriber and/or follower without messaging the API potentially thousands of times?

I need the full list of users so lurkers can also benefit from services such as points.


You can get a list of all subscribers and followers for the channel, update those every once in awhile and compare the chatters list against them to cut down on API calls.

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