Multiple instances connecting to multiple chats through one account

Hi everyone

For branding and simplicity to the user, I have a game that logins into twitch under it’s own account. It then listens for and replies to commands through the user/streamer’s chat. To twitch this will look like several login sessions from different IPs sitting in several different chats.

Will the login server allow this? Or will my app run afoul of anti-spam and anti-bot protocols?

It should do yes

It might do yes

If you are not sending messages, you can login using justinfanxxx with nopassword (literally that word or any jibberish, last time I checked empty didn’t work) where xxx is a number and you can read chat.

Some streamers are wary of granting chat access to games and may prefer not to.

Persoanlly I’d use a single bot that matches the name of the game, and then the game would connect to my central server.

Then you’d only be running enough connections to keep up with demand.

Having the bot and server is a good idea.

I’m trying to avoid server side development, at least in the early stages. But it looks like I’ll have to bite that bullet eventually.

Thanks for the info

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