&muted=false does not work

this is the code http://player.twitch.tv/?channel=overwatchleague&muted=false&playsinline=true&allowfullscreen=false

Embeds still use the volume state from the website so If I turn the volume down all the way then go to that link it’ll be muted. To counter that you could add &volume=0.5 to set the volume to 50%

still the same result

Could you explain whats going on in more detail?

Does Twitch care? I’ve reached out in several ways… Got no response, and no help here, and the API still does not work.

Of course Twitch cares; But this is most definitely a user error and not a problem on their side.
Are you sure you’re not using a browser extension or anything that would be interfering?

It’s not user error when I have tested the same link on multiple devices and setups so its not an exstention problem either

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