My extension as a panel prompts to revoke permissions when I first load any streams, how do I fix this?


As seen in the image above, regardless of access granted or revoked, this popup is shown on the extension panel when I load onto any streamers page. I’ve noticed this is behavior is unique to my extension as there is another panel extension on one of the streams I tested that this behavior is not replicated on. I’ve confirmed others are experiencing this same behavior with just our extension.

Anyone have any idea what setting may be causing this? I don’t viewers to think of this as some behavior that may deter them from using the extension. Thanks in advance!

This means you are calling


Regardless of the user’s logged in status.

When you call this function it’ll show to the user the grant/revoke dialog depending on login status.

You probably want

if (!window.Twitch.ext.viewer.isLinked) {

or to only call window.Twitch.ext.actions.requestIdShare(); on a button press or when relevant during the life cycle, not the moment your extension loads for logged out/unlinked users